Hottest April on Record in Spain and Portugal

Hottest April on Record in Spain and Portugal

Record Temperatures

Spain and Portugal experienced the hottest April on record, according to data from the European Union’s climate monitoring service. The average temperature in Spain was 1.5°C above the average for the period from 1981 to 2010. In some areas, temperatures reached up to 40°C. Portugal saw even higher temperatures, with the average temperature 1.7°C above normal, and highs of 43°C recorded in some locations.

Climate Change

The extreme heatwave has raised concerns about the impact of climate change in the region. Spain and Portugal have both experienced more frequent and intense heatwaves in recent years, leading to increased water scarcity and wildfires. Experts warn that these events are likely to become more frequent and severe unless urgent action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Action Needed

Environmental advocates are calling for increased efforts to transition to renewable energy sources and to implement policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also emphasize the need for improved water management, reforestation, and other measures to adapt to the changing climate and protect communities from the impacts of extreme weather events.


The hottest April on record in Spain and Portugal highlights the urgent need to address the impacts of climate change. It is clear that urgent action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to implement effective measures to adapt to the changing climate. Failure to act could have dire consequences for communities and ecosystems in the region and around the world.


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